Volume 46 No. 1

1  VU-Algorithm for ℓ1 Total Variation Models

     Pages 1-21 
     Mia Carmela S. Mojica, Marrick C. Neri

2   A Constructive Approach to Obtaining the Lifespan of Solutions to Cauchy Problems with Small Data

     Pages 22-32 
     John Paolo O. Soto, Jose Ernie C. Lope, Mark Philip F. Ona

3   Divisibility by powers of 2 of the class number of  Q(√±p,√±2)

     Pages 33-46 
     Julius M. Basilla, Christopher F. Santos


Volume 46 No. 2

1  Inverse Best Approximation Property of Convex Sets

     Pages 1-18 
     Mark Allien D. Roble, Louie John D. Vallejo

2  S-Iwasawa decomposition for O(p,q)

     Pages 19-35 
     Edgar N. Reyes

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