Volume 30 No. 1
Front Cover (PDF)

1  Exponential Stability of the Semigroup Associated with a Non-Homogeneous Flexible Beam with Boundary Damping

     Pages 1-12 
     Ricardo C.H. del Rosario

2  The Minimal Closed Geodetic Numbers of Graphs

     Pages 13-22 
     Imelda S. Aniversario, Ferdinand P. Jamil

3  Heller-type Bounds for the Homogeneous Free Distance of Convolutional Codes over Finite Frobenius Rings

     Pages 23-30 
     Virgilio P. Sison

4  Linear Sum of Graphs

     Pages 31-36 
     Teresa L. Tacbobo, Rowena T. Isla, Joselito A. Uy

5  Vertex Independence in Graphs under some Binary Operations

     Pages 37-40 
     Rolito G. Eballe, Emmeline M. Llido, Melona T. Nocete


Volume 30 No. 2-3
Proceedings to the 7th Taiwan-Philippines Symposium in Mathematics
Front Cover (PDF)Table of Contents (PDF)  

1  Long-Range Dependence of Positive Harris Chains

     Pages 1-8 
     Kristine Joy E. Carpio

2  On the Role of Minimizing Retrograde and Prograde Orbits for the Three-Body Problem Free Boundaries

     Pages 9-22 
     Kuo-Chang Chen

3  Smooth Asymptotics for the Price of a DIC Barrier Option in a Binomial Tree Model

     Pages 23-31 
     Jose Maria L. Escaner IV, Oliver Ian C. Wee

4  Harmonic Analysis and PDEs

     Pages 32-61 
     Yongsheng Han, Chin-Cheng Lin

5  Existence Results to Some Quasilinear Elliptic Problems

     Pages 62-66 
     Tsang-Hai Kuo

6  Solitons in DNLS and DNLS with Quantum Potential

     Pages 67-77 
     Jyh-Hao Lee

7  A Remark on Itô Formula of Complex Brownian Functionals

     Pages 78-84 
     Yuh-Jia Lee

8  Non Limit-Point Symmetric Differential Expressions with Essential Spectrum

     Pages 85-93 
     Gabriel H. Limson, Marian P. Roque, Kelvin A. Lagota

9  Fundamental Solution of the Laplace Equation (Dimensional Analysis Viewpoint)

     Pages 94-102 
     Chi-Kun Lin, Kung-Chien Wu

10  A Primal-Dual Island Search Method for Total Variation-Based Image Restoration

     Pages 103-112 
     Marrick Neri, Michael Hintermüller

11  Homogeneous Bounds for the Image of Linear Block Codes over Galois Ring Extensions

     Pages 113-116 
     Virgilio P. Sison

12  Models which Realize Bimodal Cycles

     Pages 117-126 
     Yoshifumi Takenouchi

13  Overcoming Gibbs Phenomenon in Padé-Chebyshev Approximation

     Pages 127-135 
     Arnel L. Tampos, Jose Ernie C. Lope

14  Traveling Waves in Monotone Bistable Systems

     Pages 136-141 
     Je-Chiang Tsai

15  Multiple Solutions in a Dumbbell Domain

     Pages 142-152 
     Hwai-Chiuan Wang

16  Some Results on the Existence and Blow-up of Solutions to a Parabolic Equation with Singularity

     Pages 153-144 
     Carlene P. Arceo, Jose Maria L. Escaner IV,  Mitsuharu Otani, and Polly W. Sy


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