Volume 33 Nos. 1-2
Front Cover (PDF)

1  The quadratic fields with discriminant divisible by exactly three primes and with subgroup of ideal class group isomorphic to ℤ/4ℤ ⊕ ℤ/4

     Pages 1-6 
     Christopher F. Santos, Julius M. Basilla

2  A New Wavelet based on Morlet and Mexican Hat Wavelets

     Pages 7-14 
     Jose Maria L. Escaner IV, Noemi R. Barcial

3  On Higher Order Totally Characteristic Equations with Several Space Variables

     Pages 15-22 
     Jose Ernie C. Lope 

4  Parameter Estimation in S-System Models Using the Preference Criteria in Interactive Multi-objective Mathematical Programming

     Pages 23-42
     Cherryl O. Talaue, Ricardo C.H. del Rosario 

5  On S-Orthogonal Involutory Orbits of Some S-Normal Matrices when S is Skew Symmetric

     Pages 43-50 
     Ralph John de la Cruz, Agnes Paras

6  Characterizing the Amalgamation Stability Numbers of Graphs

     Pages 51-56 
     Elvira V. Chua



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