Volume 32 No. 1
Front Cover (PDF)

1  Representation of Period Doubling by Digraphs and Characteristic Polynomials

     Pages 1-14 
     Richell O. Celeste, Yoshifumi Takenouchi

2  The Jordan Canonical Forms of Skew-Symplectic and J-Symmetric Matrices

     Pages 15-24 
     Marie Cris M. Macasieb, Dennis I. Merino, Agnes T. Paras 

3  Another Look at the Edge Geodetic Covers of Graphs

     Pages 25-32 
     Rochelleo E. Mariano, Sergio R. Canoy, Jr.

4  Particle Swarm Optimization - Simulated Annealing Approach to Constrained Engineering Optimization Problems

     Pages 33-44 
     Ritchie Mae T. Gamot, Bejay P. Simogan

5  The (r,β)-Stirling Numbers in the Context of 0-1 Tableau

     Pages 45-52 
     Roberto B. Corcino, Maribeth B. Montero


Volume 32 No. 2
Front Cover (PDF)

1  Backwards Henstock Integral

     Pages 1-12 
     Jayrold P. Arcede, Emmanuel A. Cabral

2  McShane Integrability and Egoroff's Theorem

     Pages 13-20 
     Julius V. Benitez, Ferdinand P. Jamil, Chew Tuan Seng

3  Some Properties of Limit of the Differences of the Generalized Factorials

     Pages 21-28 
     Roberto B. Corcino, Miraluna L. Herrera

4  A Local Uncertainty Principle on Locally Compact Lie Groups

     Pages 29-32 
     Job A. Nable

5  Singular Value Decomposition of Symmetric Complex Partitioned Matrices

     Pages 33-39 
     Jimmy V. Viloria

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