Volume 34 No. 1-2
Proceedings to the 9th Taiwan-Philippines Symposium on Analysis
Front Cover (PDF)Table of Contents (PDF)  

1  Fundamental Theorem of Calculus for the Backwards Itô Integral

     Pages 1-9 
     Jayrold P. Arcede, Emmanuel A. Cabral

2  Computational Model of Dopamine Production and Transmission

     Pages 10-16 
     Carlene P. Arceo, Patrick Vincent N. Lubenia

3  The Shifting Technique for Computing the Extreme Solutions of X + ATX−1A = Q

     Pages 17-26 
     Chun-Yueh Chiang, Matthew M. Lin

4  Higher Dimensional B-splines and their Applications

     Pages 27-38 
     Hsiu-Ju Chien, Hung-Ju Kuo, Chia-Ting Wang 

5  A Brief Expression of First Lyapunov Coefficient for Special Planar Systems

     Pages 39-45 
     Chien-Hong Cho, Tzy-Wei Hwang

6  An Application of Serrin’s Method

     Pages 46-55 
     Chun-Hsiung Hsia, Ming-Cheng Shiue

7  Inner Products and Module Maps of Hilbert C-modules

     Pages 56-62 
     Ming-Hsiu Hsu, Ngai-Ching Wong

8  On Some General Monge-Ampère Type Equations

     Pages 63-73 
     Sheng-Fu Hsu, Hung-Ju Kuo

9  Microbial Competition for a Single Nutrient with Internal Storage in an Unstirred Chemostat

     Pages 74-86 
     Sze-Bi Hsu, Jifa Jiang, Feng-Bin Wang 

10  Python Solver for Stochastic Differential Equations

     Pages 87-97 
     Chu-Ching Huang

11  An S-shaped Bifurcation Curve Theorem for a Positone Problem with Convex-Concave Nonlinearity and its Applications to the Perturbed Gelfand Problem

     Pages 98-106 
     Kuo-Chih Hung, Shin-Hwa Wang

12  On the Existence of Solutions to Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Perturbed Coefficients

     Pages 107-113 
     Tsang-Hai Kuo, Yi-Jung Chen, Chu-Ching Huang

13  On q-skew Derivations of Banach Algebras

     Pages 114-117 
     Pjek-Hwee Lee

14  Solvability of a System of Equations Related to Ricci-flat Kähler Metrics

     Pages 118-125 
     Jose Ernie C. Lope, Mark Philip F. Ona

15  On the Solvability of a Class of First Order Singular Partial Differential Equations

     Pages 126-137 
     Jose Ernie C. Lope, Marian P. Roque, Hidetoshi Tahara

16  Semi-global Boundary Controllability of the St. Venant Equations between Unsteady States

     Pages 138-144 
     Aldrin P. Mendoza, Adrian Roy L. Valdez, Carlene P. Arceo

17  A Path-Following Method for a Total Variation Inverse Problem

     Pages 145-150 
     Marrick C. Neri

18  Interactive Fuzzy Programming with Preference Criteria in Multi-objective Optimization of Metabolic Pathways

     Pages 151-161 
     Cherryl O. Talaue, Ricardo C.H. del Rosario

19  On the Homogeneity for some Boundary Layer Problems

     Pages 162-172 
     Ching-An Wang

20  The Minimizer of Solution Manifolds

     Pages 173-179 
     Hwai-chiuan Wang

21  Banach-Stone Theorem for Vector-valued Local Little Lipschitz Function Spaces

     Pages 180-188 
     Ya-Shu Wang


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