Volume 42 No. 1

1  L-polar decomposition of the Lorentz group O(1,n)

     Pages 1-10 
     Edgar N. Reyes

2  Colour groups associated with S-orbit colourings of the square and the hexagonal lattices

     Pages 11-30 
     Gregorio A. Raymundo III, Ma Lailani B. Walo


Volume 42 No. 2

1  Complete Tripartite Graphs with Spanning Maximal Planar Subgraphs

     Pages 1-10 
     Velimor D. Almonte, Severino V. Gervacio, Emmanuel S. Natalio

2  A family of elliptic curves with rank at least 2 derived from Brahmagupta’s formula

     Pages 11-20 
     Raiza Corpuz, Jerome Dimabayao

3  χS -skew symmetric and χS -orthogonal matrices

     Pages 21-28 
     Jesus Paolo E. Joven, Agnes Paras

4  q-Lah numbers, Laguerre configurations and rook placements

     Pages 29-41 
     Ken Joffaniel M. Gonzales


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