Volume 39 No. 1 Special Issue on Actuarial Mathematics Research
Guest Editor: Fredegusto Guido David
Cover Page (PDF)

1  An Application of Associated Single Decrement Model in Pension Theory

     Pages 1-6 
     Sandy O. Calague 

2  Mortality Rates Estimation Using Whittaker-Henderson Graduation Technique 

     Pages 7-16 
     Marielynn E. Chanco 

3  Fair Value Measurements of Liabilities: Methodologies and Implications in Life
    Insurance Accounting

     Pages 17-24
     Rosary Anne B. David

4  A Regime-Switching Lognormal Model of Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) Returns

     Pages 25-34
     Paul Angelo G. Dolores

5  Restructuring the Present-day Retirement Benefit Scheme Based on the Needs
    of the Aging Filipinos

     Pages 35-41
     Maria Katrina S. Mariano

Volume 39 No. 2
Cover Page (PDF)

1  Randomness of Interest Rates in Microcredit

     Pages 1-16 
     Marc Diener, Jasmin-Mae B. Santos

On Mixed Generalized Quasi-Einstein Manifolds

     Pages 17-34 
     Dennis T. Leyson, Richard S. Lemence

3  Cycle and path extendability of K1,3 −free join of graphs

     Pages 35-42
     Jeric S. Alcala, Rolando E. Ramos

4  Some Identities on Generalized Poly-Euler and Poly-Bernoulli Polynomials

     Pages 43-58
     Roberto B. Corcino, Cristina B. Corcino, Jay M. Ontolan, Hassan Jolany

5  Hopf Bifurcation of a Predator-Prey Model with Time Delay

     Pages 59-73
     Lorna S. Almocera, Polly W. Sy, May Anne C. Tirado



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